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EVERYONE works together to: 

ENABLE all children to ACHIEVE their full potential;

EDUCATE all children to become independent and enthusiastic learners and thinkers;

ENGAGE parents/ carers in their children’s learning;

ENRICH every child's learning with broad opportunities and experiences;

Encourage ENJOYMENT of everything we all do as a community of learners.


Our mission is to be a place to grow where each child is special and every child matters



The vision for our school is to be a centre of excellence for early year’s education where teaching and learning are of the highest standards and all members of the school community work tirelessly for the good of our children.



Be amazing 

Be respectful 

Be responsible 

Be a learner 

Be safe


Our aims seek to identify the key aspects that we are trying to achieve and underpin all our decisions.

  • Everything we do supports the philosophy that we are a place for the whole school community to grow spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically and emotionally as reflected in our school logo.
  • Everything we do supports the mission statement: “A place to grow where each child is special and every child matters”
  • To enable all our children to become successful and independent learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.
  • To enable the children to experience a curriculum which will inspire and challenge them and prepare them for the future.
  • To enable all children to feel safe, secure and happy at school
  • To support the children, families and community of Torpoint
  • To support the development of other schools through sharing outstanding practice.