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One lunchtime a week, usually Tuesdays,  there is a forces group which we can choose to go to. We enjoy playing and working with other children who have parents in the Armed Forces.

In this group we  have:

  • talked about Remembering and Remembrance and written on poppy crosses for the Field of Remembrance at Royal Wootton Basset
  • thought about what friends are
  • taken part on challenges and played board games together
  • made new friends
  • thought about ways we communicate; including through poppies
  • taken part in events with the  MKC Heroes Standard 
  • talked  places our parents have visited around the world.
  • talked about the people our parents have met.
  • thought about people who help us

This is currently not happening as a result of the coronavirus pandemic response meaning bubbles of children in school are not mixing

She often comes out of school talking enthusiastically about Forces group….I feel the group has helped her feel she has a special identity and is part of a strong group and this has given her extra confidence.  She has made friends with children that she may never have interacted with , children she has a lot in common with.