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As a school which specialises in the education of the youngest of children we have a clear understanding that children’s personal , social  and emotional development is key to each child developing as a happy, confident lifelong learner.

Helping children to develop appropriate behaviour and positive relationships is a hugely important part of our work. 

We have created an environment in our school which explicitly teaches children what constitutes socially acceptable behaviour and which encourages and reinforces good behaviour.  We understand that, taking into consideration the age and stage of development of our children, this is a crucial part of our work and that it is of fundamental importance to the future success of each individual.  Furthermore, we acknowledge that society expects good behaviour as an important outcome of the educational process. 

Children need to be able to identify and name their emotions. Research shows that once they have learnt to recognise and regulate the emotion affect that lies behind action they will be more able to control their actions or behaviours. 

We take time to ensure that children learn how to get along with each other, what constitutes acceptable behaviour and how to deal with issues and disagreements.

Our school behaviour policy is available on the policies page

File icon: pdf Behaviour Policy 2020 [pdf 75KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Behaviour Policy Appendix One- Impact of COVID 19 on Children’s Emotional Health and Well-Being [pdf 86KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Behaviour Policy COVID Appendix Two - Modifications related to Coronavirus [pdf 66KB] Click to download