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Class Assemblies 

We are unable to invite you into school to watch our assemblies but you can watch them by clicking on the links below.


Squirrels Class Assembly 



File icon: mp4 Squirrels Class Assembly [mp4 110MB] Click to download

Otters Class Assembly

File icon: mp4 Otter Class Assembly [mp4 215MB] Click to download

Moles Class Assembly

Hedgehogs Class Assembly

File icon: mp4 Hedgehog Class Assembly October 2020 [mp4 162MB] Click to download

Owl Class Assembly

File icon: mp4 Owls Class Assembly 2020 [mp4 78MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 Woodpecker's Class Assembly [mp4 59MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 Caterpillars Assembly Autumn 2020 [mp4 59MB] Click to download

Butterflies Class Assembly

Apologies if you have had problems viewing this and have only heard audio. Our website hosts have now resolved the problem for us.


File icon: mov [mov 156MB] Click to download