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Totem Pole

A woodcarver has shaped a sycamore tree into a wonderful totem pole to add another learning dimension to our outdoor classroom.

The change has also opened up the outdoor classroom so that more light can reach our pond and some of the over shaded areas so a wider variety of plants can grow.

Every child in the school was excited to visit the woodcarver at work to see their class animal appear on the tree. 

The work was also closely followed by parents who have commented on not only the skills of the woodcarver, but also the marvellous enrichment to our children's learning environment. 

Slide Show

At the end of the week every child was given the opportunity to use art to represent the totem pole as they saw it and through this art they showed their emotional response to the tree.

The results, like the Totem Pole, are amazing and we opened our art gallery in the school hall to all parents so that they could see this work.