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Parental Questionnaire Additional Comments

May 2021



I am very happy that my child attends this school, the teaching from the staff is exceptional and I know my child loves attending the school.  She comes out so happy every day!  Thank you so much TNIS.


The school did so well at managing the home learning (during the coronavirus school closures) .  My child enjoyed all aspects of it and enjoyed the emails she received from her teacher praising her work.


I think this school has become amazing since the new Head Teacher arrived.  The way she got the children involved with charity things and world book day is amazing and the children are a lot happier.  The teachers are awesome and amazing, especially since COVID and lockdown.  I applaud you all.  Amazing


My daughter is excited every day to go into school and is eager to tell us at the end of the day what she has been doing.  She has made amazing progress throughout the year and has been enjoying the afterschool sessions.  She particularly enjoys ‘Sweet Treat Friday.’  Amazing school, amazing teachers and I cannot praise you enough.  Thank you.


You seem to be giving all the pupils a great start to their learning programme.  All your staff are incredible.


My son has been made to feel very welcome and enjoyed his time (only started last December) at the school.  He’s made new friends and developed in confidence.  Obviously the year is a strange one with lockdown learning and not seeing the school organise trips and explore in normal ways, but we feel that he has still thoroughly enjoyed the positive approach.  We actually wish we’d found the school a few years ago as he’ll be sad to leave in July!!  Thanks again. 


My son was really happy to work on the activities  (during the coronavirus school closures) and even though we were fed up with lockdowns things went very smoothly for him and the family.  The school has been very supportive and as a key worker allowed me to put my son back into school after half term which he really enjoyed (especially mixing with other classes).


My daughter loves going to school so I have no complaints.  She is progressing brilliantly.  Since Mrs Kellond has been acting as Headteacher there have been so many positive changes such as sweet treat Friday, mufti/parties, mental health days etc.  Do not change.


I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude as to the helpfulness, caring and friendliness of the staff and especially Mrs Kellond, you are all amazing people, especially over the most difficult year.  The activities and all the projects in the school grounds which has been achieved are very much credited.  It is very assuring as a parent how much the children are learning and how they are progressing into their next chapter.  This school is totally amazing!! 


I was very impressed with the work that was sent home to my child (during the coronavirus school closures) , so he was able to join in like his friends.


I am writing to you to just express my gratitude in the fact that my son has the opportunity to have a party Friday in school.  Thank you for taking a holistic approach to teaching him.  I really appreciate the fact that his social and emotional needs are taken into account in the planning of the educational framework of the school.  I think Mrs Kellond is doing a fantastic job.  Thank you for all of the hard work of all staff over lockdown and now.  You are all making a huge difference to the children, and I see the benefits reflected in my son and his enjoyment of his academic and social time in school.


I have been so impressed with the care that my son’s teacher and the school have put in, to ensuring that the pupil’s education has continued in the best way possible (during the coronavirus school closures) .  The leadership has been exemplary and other schools in the area could learn a thing or two from it.  I am proud to say that I am a parent of a pupil who attends this school and I hope when the appointment of a permanent Headteacher happens that the current Acting Headteacher is appointed.  She has led the school through unprecedented times with the utter professionalism and ensuring that the students are at the centre of what the school does.  Thank you.


I really would like to acknowledge the change I have noticed in the school.  The school is full of colour and to me there is a real sense that the school is being led by someone with fantastic leadership skills.  Mrs Kellond appears to have all staff on board with her and this comes across in all communication and interaction I have with the school.  The school has created a fantastic community spirit and the wellbeing of our children is clearly a priority.


In the January to March 2021 lockdown, the home learning we were provided with was exceptional, but I believe the school went above and beyond in the support provided from an emotional and wellbeing perspective.  Examples include regular phone calls and zoom calls from the class teacher as well as calls from Mrs Kellond.  Door stop visits to deliver hot chocolate treats, books and to just check in on how everyone is.


We couldn’t be happier with Torpoint Nursery and Infant School.  Over the last year I feel that there have been significant changes at the school and it feels as though the children are placed even more centrally as their number one priority.  Whilst we feel that the teaching standard was excellent last year, the extra things like the improvements to the outdoor environment, the Christmas activities that went through the whole of December, the ‘Birthday Party’, the treat they all received during lockdown, online assemblies during lockdown, mufti days are all things that I feel really show that as a school the children are really cared about and particular consideration has been given to the difficulties children have faced during the pandemic. 


We have been really impressed with the communication and ongoing support from staff especially during lockdown.  It is great that the children have had the opportunity to take part in wider experiences and fun activities within school this year eg, mufti days, after school clubs and plans of a school trip.


Even with Covid thrown in, I think the school has improved immensely over the last year.  The children are finally able to ‘play’ in the playground and have proper breaks from learning and with added exercise and fresh air too.  The parties and dressing up/pirate day etc have been brilliant as it’s been difficult to explain why my daughter has never been allowed to dress up for Comic Relief or World Book Day etc in the past, when her friends at other schools can do so.  The added extras such as sweet treat Friday I think are a wonderful idea and something else to keep the children motivated.


The home learning throughout the second lockdown was wonderful.  My daughter engaged and completed the key topics of Maths, English and Phonics each day but didn’t do much of the other wider topics due to also trying to work from home and time etc.  She found it so much more beneficial to see lessons from the teacher so it was more like being in the class and receiving direct input compared to the first lockdown (I can appreciate there was no time to plan for the first lockdown).  However the relax timescales to complete the work was brilliant and it meant we could work around my/daddy’s work also.  Other schools had to log in at certain times, watch live videos etc and this would have been very difficult for us.  The emails from Mr Phillips were wonderful and my daughter enjoyed the ‘conversation’ with him through these as much as the feedback on the work submitted so that she felt she was still able to tell him things that she was doing and enjoying etc.  He marked work late of an evening to ensure she had feedback for the next day which was very dedicated and much appreciated.  In such unprecedented times, we couldn’t have asked for more support.


Honestly cannot fault the school at all, my daughter loves school and always strives to do her best.  Great role models, fantastic teaching, she’s always so excited when the magic arrives.  Communication with parents outstanding.  Thank you.


Amazing provision in place (during the coronavirus school closures) .  Home learning was accessible and my daughter enjoyed it.  Great support.


My son loves school and it is a pleasure to hear him talk about his day with such enthusiasm.


We wanted our daughter to be treated just like any other child and this is exactly what this school does which we believe supports her learning and mental health as she feels settled and secure.  


From a professional point as a local childminder I also feel the school now works with us which is better for children and working parents.  This was not the case a while ago.


My daughter was slightly ‘behind’ everyone her age but now she is ‘ready to learn’ and asking lots of brilliant questions .  Incredibly caring and happy school with staff happy and confident.


Home learning was incredible!!!  This absolutely helped by daughter.  Thank you for personalising and delivering every pack.


No comments to make other than Mrs Kellond has made the most marvellous changes to the school during her time as Acting Headteacher.  We’ve enjoyed every dress up day and party day – it breaks up the week/months with something for the children to look forward to.  My son’s education is exactly where I want it to be, he surprises us every day with his knowledge and zest for learning!  I do feel a little sad that he will be moving up to Carbeile in September but I’m sure he will continue to excel there.  Thank you TNIS!