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Use of Photographs

All schools need and welcome publicity. Children’s photographs add colour, life and interest to publications promoting school activities and initiatives. Making use of photographs for publicity materials, the website and to promote the school in the press can increase pupil motivation and staff morale, and help parents and the local community identify and celebrate the school’s achievements.
However, photographs must be used in a responsible way. We need to respect children’s and parents’ rights of privacy and be aware of potential child protection issues.

Photographs taken by us, and professionals such the press, are always vetted by us, before use, to both ensure children’s safety and that parent’s wishes are adhered to.


School Website
The advice for using photographs on a website is no different from their use in any other kind of publication or publicity material. However we are aware of the potential risk of inappropriate use of images because of the lack of control over who might see the image and the wide extent of the misuse of the Internet by certain people. The school will seek the consent of parents regarding the use of images on the Internet. Children’s names will not be included in photographs of children published on the school website.

Photos at School Events

We request that parents do not take photographs at events in school and always endeavour to ensure that we take photographs at rehearsals or in costumes so that parents can still celebrate their child’s achievements.

There are many reasons why we make this request that we take the photographs:
- Some parents have not given permission for their photographs to be taken or shared, particularly on the internet.
- Some children are here as a place of safety and their whereabouts cannot be known.
- It shows respect for our children as taking lots of photographs would be very distracting for them.
- It enables you, and other parents to concentrate on the performance without distractions.

When children start at our school we provide all parents with a leaflet that outlines this policy. It can be downloaded from the link below.

File icon: pdf School Photo Leaflet [pdf 132KB] Click to download