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Impact of the Use of Pupil Premium Funding in Our School

Ofsted in April 2015 commented that

“Pupils make rapid progress in all year groups. By the time they leave the school, standards in reading, writing and mathematics are much higher than the national average”

“The pupil premium funding is used very successfully to accelerate pupil progress and ensure that standards at the end of Year 2 are high for all groups of pupils.”


In July 2018 our data shows that children across the school make excellent progress and that the attainment of children for whom we recieve pupil premium funding is broadly in line with their peers in most year groups and areas of learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (Reception)


Good Level of Development  ALL PUPILS

Good Level of Development  NON PP

Good Level of Development  PP




National benchmark  2017 72%


National benchmark  2017 72%


 Our rolling record of  three year averages for children achieving a good level of development also shows that gap between children for whom we receive pupil premium funding and their peers is reducing overtime.

Phonics Screening Check ( Year One)


Year One  

Reached expected Standard on Phonics Screening Check ALL PUPILS

Reached expected Standard on Phonics Screening Check NON PP

Reached expected Standard on Phonics Screening Check PP




National benchmark 2017- 84%


National benchmark 2017- 84%


End of Key Stage One Assessments  ( Year Two)

At the end of Key Stage One the attainment of this group of pupils is broadly at or better than attainment national benchmarks.   The gap between them and their peers is wider than 2017 but this reflects the particular needs of this cohort; all of whom have made at least good individual progress.