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Planned Use of Pupil Premium Funding in Our School 2020-2021

Please read this alongside our Pupil Premium Policy 

Available Pupil Premium Funding in the 2020-2012 Financial Year  is £37,660.00  ( a £6,000 pound reduction from last year, £18,000 from the year before that.) 

Use of Funding:

  • Our commitment to ensuring that every child makes the very best progress they can whilst in our care  manifests itself in the size of the classes in our school.
  • We know that having the best teachers working with the smallest number of children we can afford, in single aged classes, is the best way to help each child make the most of the educational and social experiences we offer. Schools are expected to have class sizes of 30 across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Some schools will fund Teaching Assistants in all these age groups but in many schools these are part time positions and sometimes these Teaching Assistants are only qualified to the equivalent of NVQ 2.  

We have an average class size of 20 across the school which means that we have four teachers in each year  group rather than the three which would exist in most schools with the number of children we have. Each class also has a full time highly qualified  teaching assistant. This gives an adult child ratio of 1:10

  • Small classes enable the effective strategies highlighted by pupil premium and educational  good practice guidance to be implemened by our class teachers and teaching assistants. 

The spending needed to allow small classes with a full time highly qualified teaching assistant exceeds the Pupil Premium Allocation

In addition we ensure that we funded additional highly effective strategies which are deployed for the benefit of pupils for whom we recieve pupil premium funding. These include;

  • Free After School Clubs
  • Free Educational Visits
  • Speech and Language Therapist