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Sports Premium ( PE Funding)

"The school uses the primary school physical education (PE) and sport premium successfully. Teachers have received training to enable them to become even more effective in their teaching of sport and PE. Pupils have received additional opportunities to work with sports professionals and so their participation in sport and PE has increased; the skills that the pupils demonstrate have also improved as a result of the funding."                                                Ofsted April 2015.



From  the academic years of 2013-2014 until  the Government have provided additional funding to improve provision of Physical Education (PE) and sport in primary schools. 

This funding can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

  This year, schools with 17 or more elegible pupils will receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

Our Aim

 As a school, we intend to ensure that we use/ used this money so that it has the greatest possible impact on the teaching and learning of Physical Education within our school.  To do this, we first evaluated current practice and the progress that children are making. We then discussed as a staff ways in which we felt the money would be best spent to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision within school.


How have we spent the Sport Premium?

For each academic year we have completed a full break down of expenditure along with what the impact of spening the money has been. You can see these impact statements by clicking on the links to the academic years above.

File icon: pdf Sport Premium Action Plan 2019 -20.pdf [pdf 280KB] Click to download