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Trauma Sensitive School 

We define ourselves as a trauma sensitive school, one in which all children feel safe, secure, welcomed, supported and nurtured and where addressing the impact of trauma on learning and on emotional and mental health and well being is at the centre of our educational mission: ‘A place to grow, where each child is special and every child matters.’

The research around ACE’s supports the vision, mission and aims of our school . The national, local and school agenda which focuses upon ensuring the health, emotional and mental well-being of our children also supports our work as a trauma informed and trauma sensitive school.

We understand that many of our children will have had traumatic or adverse childhood experiences and we know that these can impact negatively upon a child’s learning, behaviour and relationships in school and later on in life through risk taking behaviours and poor health outcomes.  It is our responsibility as a Trauma Sensitive School to mitigate against these experiences.