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Mr Solman

Mrs Sleeman


Our learning this term has been based on stories by Julia Donaldson. We loved watching the Home Learning videos in January and February but are really excited to be back in school now. This week our learning has been based on the story 'Tiddler' and we've been busy learning all about creatures under the sea.

Maths - Number bonds. We have been building our confidence with number bonds since returning to school and applying them to addition problems for numbers up to 100.

English - We have been writing Non-fiction sentences about how animals under the sea move around. We have been using the suffix 'ing' together with our amazing vocabulary to write exciting sentences. For example 'The ray was scotting above the golden sand.' We have also completed lots of writing about lent and our own feelings.

We have been super phonics detectives reading real and alien words. We have also been building our recall of Tricky words.

Science- This term we have thought about food chains under the sea and how they always start with the sun and then a plant, even if it's about life under the sea.

PSHRE- We have continued work on emotions. We have also thought about friendships including helping Tiddler to be kind to friends and solve friendship problems by telling the truth. We feel confident to talk about how we are feeling.

PE- We have been building our throwing and catching skills this term. We know to have our hands ready to receive the ball and to throw accurately with two hands. We have been putting our skills to the test in benchball and netball inspired challenges.

RE - We are looking at Lent and Christian traditions surrounding it. We will soon be learning about the Easter story.

History - We have leanrt all about Julia Donaldson's life. We ordered key events from her life and arranged them onto a timeline with captions. Did you know she can speak French, German and Italian?

ICT- We have been using coding to give each other directions around the school. We have put together lists of directions called algorithms and will soon use these to code Beebots.

Geography-  We have studied the seven continents of the world so that we can identify and name them. We have also learnt the countries of the United Kingdom.

DT- We have been designing and making our own recipes for muffins and fruit kebabs this term! Soon we will be making muffins too.

Art- We have explored colour mixing this term. We have learnt what the three primary colours are and how to make the secondary colours by mixing them together. We have also explored adding highlights and lowlights by mixing colours with white paint or by adding a small amount of black paint. We have made some amazing 'under the sea' washes.

Music - we have been listening to music and discussing what it reminds us of and how it makes us feel. We have created pictures from what the music makes us see in our minds and have also played instruments in different ways to show different emotions.

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We always try our best in the Kingfishers