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Mr Solman

Mrs Sleeman


We were so excited to begin our new 'The Great Outdoors' learning this term. We loved exploring our wildlife area and working together to make dens and plant seeds. It was so much fun singing songs and toasting marshmallows around our fire pit. Make sure you watch our new assembly where we tell you all about our new learning.


Maths - We have been developing our understanding of sharing and we can solve problems using what we have learnt. We have also been learning to recognise different coins and understand their value. We have loved turning our role play area into a flower shop and using what we have learnt to pay for our flowers.

English - We have been learning to write super instructions. We know they need to include bossy verbs and we know how to order our writing correctly. We have been working hard to remember capital letters, finger spaces and to use our phonics carefully.

Science- We became super scientists when learning about the parts of a plant. We have also set up our own simple test to observe and measure how our cress seeds grow over time. We have made predictions about how much they will grow and we can't wait to find out our results.

PSHRE- We have been developing our understanding of different feelings and thinking about how we can keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Music - We have been listening to music and discussing what it reminds us of and how it makes us feel. We have created pictures from what the music makes us see in our minds and have also played instruments in different ways to show different emotions.

PE- We have been working on our throwing and catching skills. We know to have our hands ready to receive the ball and to throw accurately with two hands. We are going to put our skills to the test by taking part in team games. 

RE - We learnt about Lent and what it represents and we will be learning about Easter too.

History - We are learning about the life of George Forrest who was a botanist.

ICT- We have been learning to use positional language to direct our friends to reach different destinations. We've learnt to create algorithms and to program and debug using apps on the iPad. We used what we have learnt to program and debug a robot to reach different destinations.

Geography- We have learnt about the seven continents of the world so that we can identify and name them on a map of the world. We have also learnt the countries of the United Kingdom.

DT- We have enjoyed designing and making our own muffins including packaging.

Art- We are learning about the artists Henri Matisse and Barbara Hepworth. We have learnt to use similar techniques and a range of materials to create sculptures, paintings and collages.

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We always try our best in the Kingfishers