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Welcome to the Woodpeckers

Miss Walton 

Mrs Moran

We were so excited to get back to school and to see all of our Woodpecker friends again. Our learning throughout this term has been based on stories by Julia Donaldson and we have had so much fun learning together.

Maths - We have been building our confidence with number bonds since returning to school and applying them to find related number facts. We're developing our understanding of addition and subtraction using what we've learnt about place value. 

English - We have been writing our own sentences to describe different animals and how they move. We have been using the suffix 'ing' together with our amazing vocabulary to write exciting sentences. 

We have been super phonics detectives reading real and alien words.

Science- We have been learning about how animals grow and change in their lives and we are learning to work scientifically by carrying out fair tests.

PSHRE- We have been developing our understanding of different feelings and thinking about what makes a great friend. 

Music - we have been listening to music and discussing what it reminds us of and how it makes us feel. We have created pictures from what the music makes us see in our minds and have also played instruments in different ways to show different emotions.

PE- We have been working on our throwing and catching skills. We know to have our hands ready to receive the ball and to throw accurately with two hands. We are going to put our skills to the test by taking part in team games. 

RE - We learnt about Lent and what it represents and we will be learning about Easter too.

History - We have learnt all about Julia Donaldson's life and we were able to put events from her life into chronological order. 

ICT- We have been learning to use positional language to direct our friends to reach different destinations. We've learnt to create algorithms and to program and debug using apps on the iPad.

Geography-  We have learnt about the seven continents of the world so that we can identify and name them on a map of the world. We have also learnt the countries of the United Kingdom.

DT- We have enjoyed designing and making our own biscuits including packaging.

Art- We have explored colour mixing this term. We have learnt what the three primary colours are and how to make the secondary colours by mixing them together. We have loved creating beautiful artwork using the techniques that we have learnt.


We always try our best with our learning.

Our Class Assembly 

File icon: mp4 Woodpecker's Class Assembly [mp4 59MB] Click to download