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The Bunnies are taught by Miss Davies with Mrs Bond and Mrs Haddon.

ALL Aboard!!!

We were so excited to arrive at Nursery last Tuesday and find Miss Davies dressed as a TRAIN DRIVER, we followed the tracks inside and found that we each had a ticket to board the TORPOINT EXPRESS! 

We are so excited to learn all about trains. We have asked questions and shared what we already know. 

  • "Some trains are steam trains they use coal, some are diesel trains and some use electricity!"
  • "You need to have a ticket to go on a train, you have to pay money"
  • "Trains can go underground in very dark tunnels"
    • How fast can trains go?
    • How many people can fit on a train?
    • Can people slepp on trains?

Maybe at home your children could recycle some materials to make a junk modelling train?

Story Telling Week

This week we have been telling stories using puppets, props and role play. On Monday our Magic Wand delivered a very special story telling crown. We all made our own crowns to help us tell super stories. Our special story has been the 3 Little Pigs...we are very good at huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf!

Ask your children to tell you the story, they certainly have become SUPER story tellers!!