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The Bunnies are taught by Miss Davies and Mrs Waldock with Mrs Bond,Miss Richmond and Mrs Haddon.

Saftey Week

As part of Child Safety week the children have been leanring about and completing activities to undersatnd how to keep ourselves safe at the beach and in the sun...we even wrote our own song called 'Slip, Slap, Slop'!!

Sports Week

We took part in a range of challenges and activities including; assault courses, circuits, a wagon pull and balancability. We have been thinking about what happens to our bodies during exercise and why it is important to keep fit. We also tasted some differnt vegetables and made healthy fruit smoothies. We had so much fun and are proud of all the challenges we ahve completed!

Down in the Jungle theme

Down in the Jungle, where nobody goes

The nursery children had to tip-toe.

To discover all the animal they could see,

Be careful the tiger is ready for tea!!!


Week Beginning 8.6.18: Lions

Sound of the week: 'l' for leg and lion

Book of the week: How to hide a lion at school

Number of the week: Numbers beyond 10