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 The Lillies are our youngest children in the school and are part of the main nursery. Our teachers are Mrs Moran and Mrs Royle. We also visit all of the teachers in the main nursery and develop relationships with all of our key adults.

This week we have been learning about Farm animals.

We had  great fun, sponge printing our Easter chick cards.

We sang lots of songs. Our favourites this week have been 5 Little Ducks and Humpty Dumpty.

We are learning to take turns as we  pass  the sound sack  around the circle. We loved finding the farm animals hidden inside!

We also enjoyed taking part in the Sport Relief circuits. We crawled,jumped,rolled spun andbalnced our way around our circuit. We were so proud of ourselves!

We love to share songs and rhymes and use Makaton signs to support our communication.


Focus of the Week: Week Beginning: 19.03.18  

                                                               Farm animals/Easter

Shape of the week: Circles

Songs and rhymes:  5 Little Ducks

We will also be learning to pour our drinks and select our own snacks. 


Our youngest children are the two year olds in the Lilies group who work  with Mrs Moran and Mrs Royle.