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Welcome to the Bumblebees!

World Book Day

We each brought into the Bumblebees Class our favourite book from home; we loved telling the rest of the class why we enjoy reading our book. Today, we have created story maps of our own books and sequenced what happened at the beginning, middle and end. We have been painting our favourite characters. We have 'made up' our own stories in our outdoor writing shed. We have also been 'hot seating', where everyone became a book character and everyone had to guess who they were. 

We love reading in the Bumblebees Class EVERY DAY! Did you know reading helps us with every part of our development? It really helps us with our writing too.

Top Tips when reading with your child at home:

  • Read everyday, so that your child can practice their new phonics sounds
  • Encourage your child to segment the words independently in their school reading book e.g. 'p-ar-k park'
  • Read in different places, reading is exciting!
  • Remember, 'tricky words' that your child is learning are at the beginning of your child's red reading record 
  • Point with a finger; encourage your child to point to each individual word with their finger
  • Share comments of your child's reading with us in their red reading record

Questions to ask your child when you read together:

  • What do you think this story could be about? Predict the front cover.
  • How did that character feel? Why?
  • Why did he say that?
  • What is happening in the pictures?
  • What might happen next?
  • What sort of character are they? Mean? Nice? Friendly?
  • What was your favourite part?

Lets help our children to continue their love of reading both in school and at home