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We began our term with finding an explorer tent. We discovered it belong to explorer Tom who then gave us tickets for flight across the Arctic.

The Arctic

We decided we needed to go on a polar bear hunt. Wehave been finding out all about the animals that live in the Arctic. We have written facts and made our own story about Going on a Polar Bear Hunt. We have been adding and subtracting and recording our work using drawings and numbers.

Tom the explorer sent us a challenge -How could we get the fish out of the frozen ice. We worked in teams to find the quickest way to melt the ice then recorded our results.

We have had REAL fish in our class room!! They were different shapes colours and sizes. We created observational drawings of them and then used different media to create fish.

Attik Dance

We have enjoyed working with Ben from Attik Dance to create interesting shapes and movements then performing them to music.