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Welcome to the Bumblebees! We are taught by Miss Bartlett, with Mrs Ruxton 

We went to the Amazon Rainforest!

Our magic wand took us on an adventure to the Amazon Rainforest. It even turned Mrs Ruxton into the Pilate! We had so many questions about the Rainforest and we have began finding them all out. We have already learnt that there are layers in a Rainforest; Forest Floor Layer, Understory Layer, Canopy Layer, Emergent Layer. We also know what animals live in each layer too!

Ask us any fact about Howler Monkeys and Jaguars... I bet we can tell you!



DuringSports Week, we took part in many activities and learnt lots of new skills:

Javeline, Smite, Sports with our Year 2 Buddies, Landrover Pull, Fruit Tasting, Team Games and Round Robin. 

We had so much fun!