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Miss Jones

Miss Richmond

We are the Butterflies Class

Miss Jones and Miss Richmond are super proud of the Butterflies.  We are all really enjoying being back in school with our friends and we have been trying our best with all of our learning activities. We are continuing to link our learning to our favourite Julia Donaldson books.

An overview of our current learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We are using our new emotions area in our classrooms to explain how we feel about being back in school. We are also remembering our Happy Classroom Rules and enjoying building positive friendships.

Communication and Language: We are listening to and talking about different story language, settings and characters.

Writing: We are learning to write a post card. We are also learning new sounds in our daily phonics and have been enjoying writing them in words or sentences. We are also trying our best with our handwriting, forming all of our letters correctly.

Reading: We have been reading postcards using our super phonics. We are also enjoying reading our new phonics sounds in our reading books. We are learning new tricky words each week too.

Maths: We have been adding and taking away, looking at our tens and ones.

Shape Space and Measure: We will be measuring distance and height.

Physical Development: We are practicing our ball skills in throwing and catching.

Understanding the World: We are learning about Spring and new life. We will also be learning about Easter.

Exploring and Using Media and Materials: We have learnt a new word ‘observational drawing’. We have been using lots of media such as pencils, charcoal, pastels and watercolour to draw objects.

Take a look at our learning...

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Butterflies Class Assembly

Apologies if you have had problems viewing this and have only heard audio. Our website hosts have now resolved the problem for us.


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