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We are the Caterpillars class, we are taught by Mrs Westall with Miss Phillips.

This term we have been lucky enough to have a 'Magic Wand' arrive in our classroom! We were so excited about its arrival that we composed music about its special journey from the 'Magical Wood' to our school.

The Magic Wand introduces us to our new learning focuses and this term we have been learning all about ' The Farm'.

An animal friend of the Magic Wand is hiding on the farm and we are trying to work out who it is by solving the riddles it keeps sending us. It is very exciting and we are learning many facts about lots of different farm animals too!

We have loved  creating a role-play farmyard, making 3D animals, writing about the farm, counting and combining groups of animals and creating our own pictures about the farm.

This term we have also created beautiful Poppy pictures and thought about the people who have helped us on Remembrance Day. We have created fireworks and spoken about different celebrations.

We are currently helping Santa in our own Santa's workshop, designing and making toys, wrapping presents and delivering all of the Christmas cards that we have written- what a fun term we have had and what busy Caterpillar's we have been!