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Welcome to the Ladybirds! We are taught by Miss Bartlett. 


We had a super busy Autumn Term, including finding out about different types of bears.

Did you know that a Panda Bear lives in China and it eats bamboo?

Did you know that a Brown Bear lives in a forest and it eats Salmon fish?

Did you know that a Black Bear lives in North America and it hibernates in the winter?

Did you know that a Polar Bear lives in the Arctic and it builds dens made out of ice?

We are brilliant mathematicians too; we have measured length and weighed different objects to compare and record. We are learning how to represent number using our knoweldge of tens and ones and we have also been solving lots of adding and taking away. More importantly, we love coming to school and our confidence just keeps on growing! 


We are so excited to find out where our learning adventure will continue to take us!