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Welcome to the Woodpeckers!

We have had such an exciting half term in the Woodpeckers! Our magic wand has arrived and has taken us on an exciting adventure! First we had to swim through the sea, next we had to navigate our ship through the star constellations, then we had to walk the plank onto HMB Endeavour! Aboard the ship we discovered all about Captain James Cook, and were set the challenge of seeing what facts we could find about him. 

We have got lots of questions about the star constellations, and have been researching to find the answers to these! We have made our very own HMB Woodpeckers astronomy book and have used telescopes to help us discover the constellations that are in the sky! 

Our magic wand also sent us a story map telling us all about the exciting voyage that Captain James Cook took, and we have been using our sailor hats to help us become story tellers and share our own adventures. 

We are really looking forward to seeing where learning about Captain Cook takes us next!