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Mrs Clarke

Mrs Owens

Mrs Payne

We are learning all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and Castles...

We have had a super busy time in Year 2! We have continued with our theme about Jack and the Beanstalk and have been focussing on some non-fiction learning about Castles. We have applied our learning about castles in many different subjects;

Reading and Writing: Facts about castles and making castles leaflets

Science: Materials- properties and suitability for building castles

Geography: Castles in the capital cities of the UK

History: Naming the parts of a castle and understanding their purposes in history

DT: Exploring folds and joins of materials to make model castles

Computing: Using search engines to research about castles and using PowerPoint to create a presentatin of our findings.

In other curriculum areas we have been learning to:

PE: Gymnastics- travelling, balances, jumps and rolls

Maths: Solve subtraction and addition using a range of methods

Music: Sorting instruments according to their section of the orchestra and composing our own Jack and the Beanstalk themed music

Our Class Assembly

File icon: mp4 Hedgehog Class Assembly October 2020 [mp4 162MB] Click to download

After School Clubs

During our first week of after schools clubs we were super excited to become scientists... we made rocket balloons!!

We worked together to follow the method using the equipment we were given. We used our science knowledge to make predictions about the experiment and changed variables to test different ideas and answer our questions.