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Miss Hargraves 

Mrs Moran


Miss Hargraves and Mrs Moran are so proud of the Moles. They have settled into their new class extremely well. They have been so busy already and they have learnt lots of facts about their class animal. 

They have: 

  • learnt about a mole's diet and created a food chain 
  • created different sounds with a range of percussion instruments 
  • developed their throwing and catching skills with their friends 
  • read a many stories about moles and they have learnt a poem which they retell beautifully 
  • enjoyed reading non-fiction books about moles and woodland animals 
  •  used a range of media to create superb art work 
  • ordered and partitioned numbers correctly 
  • wrote fantastic sentences and remembered to use their phonic knowledge

They have also had an amazing start to their new learning adventure.....

WOW!! Jack and the Beanstalk

In year 2 we have had the most magical day, we had to follow the gigantic beanstalk through our school and we discovered the Giant's castle. We had to be quiet because he was snoring loudly! We found the golden harp, golden eggs, his giant boots and some magical beans! We cannot wait to find out more about Jack and his story...

Our Class Assembly

File icon: mp4 Moles Assembly v2 [mp4 56MB] Click to download