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Mr Phillips 

Miss Rice 

We are so happy to be back in school with all of our friends, it felt like such a long time away but we have come back ready and excited to continue our learning.  We have been using our new emotions area in our classroom to explain how we feel about being back in school. We understand that it is OK to feel nervous but we also know that our friends and teachers are here to help us. During our daily assemblies we have been talking about 'Our School Values'- we know how important it is to be respectful, be responsible, be learners and to be safe.

This week we have been carrying out our own science experiments all about plants and growing. We knew that our investigations had to start with a question; 

"What conditions are best for growing plants?"

We gathered our equipment and followed our method to set up our experiments making sure that each team had a different variable to help answer our question. We then used all of our science knowledge to make predictions about which plant will grow the best.

"I think the plant in the cupboard will have brown and yellow leaves because it doesn't have any light. The sun gives plants energy to make their leaves green."

"I predict that the plant with no water won't even start growing because the soil will be too dry for the plant to suck up food and water."

We will carry on making our observation everyday to help us answer our question. 

An overview of our current learning

Reading and Writing: Editing sentences using our knowledge of phonics, spelling rules and punctuation. 

Maths: Solving division and multiplication

Science: Plants- growing experiment

Geography: Naming and locating continents and oceans

History: The life of Julia Donaldson

PE: Football: skills for attacking and defending

Look at our learning....

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Our Class Assembly

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