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Mr Painter 

Mrs Rust

Health and Wellbeing Day

Squirrels' Pirate Day Wow Moment

Pirate Learning 

We were so excited to receive an invitation to our very own pirate party at school! We all dressed up and had the most magical day!

When we arrived at school there were old treasure maps, enough for one each, in our classroom. We soon discovered that the map was of our school, so we set off on our adventures. Along the way we were surprised to find a pirate ship, the captains' clothes, musical instruments, tools for the pirate's jobs and even a deserted island. But best of all we found a treasure chest which was full of resources to help us with our learning!

Our Pirate Theme Learning

English: Wanted posters! Recounts of our pirate party and our very own pirate stories.

Maths: Solving problems involving all 4 operations, finding fractions of a number and telling the time.

Geography/ Computing: Comparing the UK and a Caribbean island, using compass directions to locate the treasure!

History: Researching and creating PowerPoint presentations about famous pirates, including Anne Bonny and BlackBeard.

Art: Learning sketching and shading techniques to apply in observational drawings of a pirate ship.

Music: Singing and performing sea shanties and pirate themed songs. 

Science/ DT: Designing and building pirate ship models that can float and that are waterproof. 

Our Class Assembly

File icon: mp4 Squirrels Class Assembly- Number 1- 18th September 2020 [mp4 110MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 Squirrels Class Assembly- Number 2 - 25th March 2021 [mp4 76MB] Click to download

Look at our learning....

File icon: mp4 Squirrels Classroom [mp4 4MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 Squirrels Drumming [mp4 5MB] Click to download