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We are learning all about Robots! 

We have thought of lots of questions about robots and we are excited to disocover the answers. 

We have started to learn a story all about Pod using actions. 

We have learnt the features of instructions and written our own. 

We understand what an algorithmn is and have started to use these to programme the beebots. 

We have built on our knowledge of 2d shapes and we have used the properties of the shapes to solve riddles. 

We have loved using our gymnastic skills to create our own routines, including jumps, travelling and balances.



Antony House

We had fun exploring signs of Autumn at Antony house. 

' Acorns fall off Oak tress.' 


Remembrance Day

We have discussed the history of Remembrance Day and the celebrations that take part in Torpoint. 

Story telling

We are becoming fantastic story tellers and can not wait to find out what Pod does next!