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Imagine Amongst the Trees...


We were sooo excited to discover Wilberry Woodland! We are learning all about the woodland animals and their habitat. We are learning about the different animal groups and why they are in that group. 

We found a little woodland but Bertie is missing. We are creating missing posters to help find him. We are using adjecives to describe him and composing our own sentences including the joining word 'and'. We hope he returns soon. 

We are practising our number fact skills in maths. We are becoming more confident with our number bonds to 10 and even have a song about them. 



Amazing Assembly 

Well done Robins for your amazing assembly, you used great expression!

Wilberry Woodland 

We had lots of questions about Wilberry Woodland

Look at us...

We have been working as a team in PE and have been developing our co-ordination skills.