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We have had a fantastic time, so far learning all about Australia. 

We have started to explore the different animals that live there and know lots of facts about them now. We made our own posters to share our amazing facts. We have used our super phonics and best handwriting. 

In the Robins we are starting to use money to buy different items for our adventures in Australia. We are also becoming more confident in counting the different totals in Kanga's purse. 

We are very excited to have our own reading puppy Rubble, he is helping us to become more confident in reading and we love sharing our favourite part of the book with him. Rubble is eager to come home with all the Robins to listen to our stories at home as well. 

Our imaginations and incredible minds are working hard in PE by creating different dances with our friends. We make different shapes and move in creative ways to create our unique routines. 

Antony House