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We are learning all about Robots! 

We have been exploring the artist John Lytle Wilson and creating artwork simular to his!

We have learnt the features of a letter and we are using these skills to write to a range of different people.  

We have loved learning to tell the time, we can tell you o'clock times and half past! 

Meccanoid has been tricky to programme but we haven't given up yet.  

We have built on our knowledge of number by recognising, drawing and finding 1 more and 1 less. 

In science we are exploring different materials and testing them for Meccanoid. 

We are becoming amazing detetives now in phonics, especially spotting digraphs in alien words. 



 Story telling week

We are excited for our different story challenges each day. 



The MAGIC WAND sent us a robot to programme!  

Sports Week 

We used had lots of fun trying out new sports and using our existing skills to complete the challenges.