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Welcome to the Woodpeckers!

What an exciting few weeks it has been in the Woodpeckers! When we came in on December 1st the fairies had decorated our classroom and set us special Christmas challenges! Then we couldn't believe that Captain Cook sent us a letter to explain that he had discovered an island called Christmas Island! We researched our questions that we had about the island and have learnt so many things! We know all about the red Christmas Island crabs that live there and have even plotted the human and physical features of the island that Captain Cook has sent us!

We transformed into minions for our Christmas show and had so much fun dancing like minions because we are always so happy!

In the last few days of school we have celebrated Christmas jumper day and we were very lucky to have the Royal Marine Band to come and play a Christmas melody in our playground!

We have had an amazing first term in Year One and can't wait to come back to school in the New Year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!