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Welcome to the Woodpeckers!

Welcome to the Woodpeckers!

We were very excited when we had a letter from Captain Cook to tell us that we needed to go an adventure to find our missing treasure chest!

We followed the footprints and discovered different parts of Australia; we could hear the National Anthem playing and found Sydney Opera House! We then followed the footprints some more and found an Aboriginal Art gallery and saw that there was a piece of work for us to take back to the classroom and use our aboriginal skills to complete it!

We then listened really carefully and thought we could hear some animal sounds and couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw snakes and koalas in the rainforest area! Finally we found a ship study where our treasure chest was. When we took it back to the classroom where there were lots of different challenges for us to try. We had so many questions about what we had seen and put these onto an Australian map!

For mental health week, we have been thinking about what makes us laugh and have even made a joke book that we can take home to share our laughter around.

We cannot wait to see where out magic wand takes us in our learning!