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The Hedgehogs Class are taught by Miss Davies and Mrs Owens.

The Elves have arrived in school

We have been busy preparing for the countdown to Christmas...The Christmas show has been well rehearsed and performed with enthusiasm and excitement! We have been learning and retelling the Christmas story and sharing our own celebrations and traditions.

 Imagine being an Amazon explorer

This term we have been Amazon explorers, Ed has sent us new challenges and sharing stories of his amazing adventures...

  • writing riddles, non-fiction books and poems
  • exploring measure (length, weight, temperature and capacity)
  • naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans
  • sorting amazon animal food chains
  • creating polyrhythms and patterns using untuned instruments
  • performing sequences of balances and jumps
  • learning about the history of Hiram Bingham (historical explorer)