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Covid 19- School Information from 8th March 2021

School Times 

For the safe arrival and departure of children we will reinstate the start and finish times that minimise the number of people arriving and leaving our school at any one time. 

There is a ten minute drop off window for each group to further support the transition of children into the classroom in a calm, physically spaced way.  Can we please ask that you stick to your child’s allocated drop off and pick up times. This helps ensure that your child receives their full education entitlement each day.  

For families with children in more than one class please use the later time.


Drop off-Morning session

Pick up




Drop off-Afternoon session

Pick up



Main School




Year One



Year Two



Please can we ask that you are mindful of the following mitigations that support social distancing and apply them whenever possible:

  • Each child should be brought to school by just one adult.
  • Please keep your child with you at all times at the start and end of the school day.
  • Our one-way system which starts at the main gate and finishes at the nursery gate will remain in place.
  • Staff will welcome your children into the classroom in the morning.  If you need to talk to your child’s teacher, please respect the two metre social distancing measures.

What does my child need to bring?

  • Book bag – For books that are sent home, there will be a 48 hour period between one user and the next.
  • Water bottle
  • PE kit
  • A packed lunch (if you choose for your child to not have a hot dinner).  Please remember that every child is entitled to a Free School Meal.

 Please can children wear a clean school uniform.

 How are children grouped?

We are continuing with our stringent bubble system where the children will remain with their own class, and class staff for all aspects of the school day including lunchtimes.

The bubble system means, that in line with guidance, young children can mix in an age appropriate way.

Where ‘catch up’ and other interventions are delivered these will be stringently distanced but in spaces that promote this in a child friendly way.

 Personal Hygiene and Cleaning

The enhanced cleaning includes the cleaning of shared resources and the additional cleaning of high touch areas.  Those resources that are used by all children within the bubble will be cleaned regularly.  Resources will not be shared across bubbles without cleaning or quarantine measures. Some resources such as pens and pencils will be personal to children.  Children will be taught about personal hygiene including use of tissues, catching coughs and effective hand washing.  They will wash their hands on arrival at school and throughout the day, including before and after eating.


We have been informed that the Government expect all staff and families to be ready and willing to engage in the Government track and trace system. This system will help prevent transmission of COVID 19 by helping to ensure the self-isolation of anyone who has been in close contact with a case of coronavirus.  Government are giving the clear message that children must not attend school if they are showing symptoms of the coronavirus or have been in contact with anyone who is either displaying symptoms or has tested positive for coronavirus, (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell).


The government are expecting all children to attend school and as such our usual procedures for attendance will be in place including parents completing absence request forms and phone calls to the school office if your child is not in.  As part of the track and trace procedures it is very important that we are told if your child is absent as a result of coronavirus symptoms or if they have had contact with a case of coronavirus.

Communication between parents and school

We really value the two way communication we have with parents, when school and families work in partnership together we know that children achieve the best possible outcomes. At the current time more of this is being conducted remotely.

We use our website to share all information with families.  Information includes:

  • Health and safety and organisational updates.
  • Remote learning (if needed in the case of isolation or class or school closures).
  • All forms have been put on the school website for you to fill in electronically and email back to us.




We are aware that each and every child has their own learning needs and will have had their own learning experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and this second period of school closure. Learning will be personalised to each child with a focus on emotional health and wellbeing within the context of our full curriculum.


If your child needs to self-isolate it is explicitly expected by the Government that school supported learning continues at home. This will be delivered through emails and our school website. Work completed at home will be shared with school, via year group emails, and staff will provide direct emailed feedback.

 Nurture and Support

For every child returning to school we will be ensuring that our environment continues to be nurturing and that our provision recognises the very different experiences each child has had since the outbreak of the coronavirus. We are aware that some children and families may have suffered bereavement, hospitalisation or other trauma; to enable us to support these children more effectively, please can you call or email the school office with any information we need to know.

 Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.


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