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Cornwall Educational Pyschology Service Advice 

Talking to children about Covid 19 – Tips and information for schools and families

The following suggestions may be helpful:

  • Reassure children that they are safe: Children will need to be reassured regularly they are safe, and that adults will faithfully try to keep them safe.
  • Let children know that it is alright to be upset: Tell children all feelings are OK, but it is important to still behave in a polite and respectful way to others.
  • Maintain a normal routine: Set up a work/leisure/exercise routine for students at home.  Make extra time to listen to what your children need to tell you.
  • Place an emphasis on resilience and strengths: Focus on the child’s skills, in terms of their daily life.  Help them see they have many strengths to help them cope if feeling anxious or upset.
  • Look for opportunities to help others: Acts of benevolence, charity and humanity help to restore positivity about the world.
  • Provide opportunities for children to be honest about their feelings: Sharing worries or feelings of upset with other family members reduces a sense of vulnerability and isolation, raises optimism and self-esteem.  Checking in with your children to see if they have any worries can help them start these conversations.
  • Provide opportunities for physical exercise: Exercise is valuable in developing natural chemicals in the brain to help us cope with feelings such as shock or worry.
  • Provide opportunities for creative activities: Creative activities such as drawing, music, dancing, painting and writing allow children to find different ways in which to process the events that are happening around them.
  • Communicate any concerns with school: If you have any worries or concerns about your child’s emotional behaviour please do let the school know.  There will be things the school can do to help further.
  • Look after yourself: A time of stress can mean less energy and more potential for illness for you, as well as others.  So please take care of yourself.
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Early Help Hub 

The Early Help Hub coordinates additional support for children and families in Cornwall. Parents and professionals are allowed to make contact.

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