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Emotional Wellbeing

This is a diffcult time for everyone including children. On this page we have  put our own thoughts on ways that may help support children's emotional well being and the key advice from the Government and Cornwall Council  .

We have also gathered  gathered together resources from other organisations and professionals regarding supporting children at this time, including in the event of a bereavement  These resources can be acessed through the tabs above.

This section  also contains some links about emotional wellbeing support for adults.

last updated 9th May

Emotional Wellbeing Needs - some basic steps 


At the moment there is understandable anxiety from everyone about the coronavirus.

  • We have included links to and copies of Covid-19 Information and stories for children so that you can talk about the cornavirus in an honest but age appropriate way with your children 
  • We have included a sheet from our school educational psychologist with hints and tips how to talk to your child about the current situation.
  • Unicef, the World Health Organisation have clear advice and we have links to this.


Everyone’s routines have been and will be disrupted by the current situation.  We believe that it will help children with emotional needs if you put a  new routine in place for your circumstances.

  • The routine you put in place does not have to be minute by minute and does not need to replicate the school day in anyway.
  • It may be worth asking your children what parts of the school school day they do get comfort from and talk with them how you can do something similar at home
  • We suggest it includes family time, exercise, mindfulness as well as the practical get dressed, clean your teeth and wash your face.
  • Routines do not have to be timetabled we have provided an example below the idea is you have tasks for the day and tick them off

Personal space

Personal space is something we all need, including our children.  At the moment it is important that we plan for  safe personal space in our homes, not just for the times when emotions are excessive.


Felling that we have personal space can also be helped by mindfulness . We have included some mindfulness activities for children.

If physical space is an issue: 

  • designate a cushion, rug or even a corner where your child can go and no one will talk to them. 
  • a designated activity such as colouring or lego building could be the time when your child has personal space.
File icon: pdf Talking to children about Coronavirus [pdf 110KB] Click to download
File icon: docx routinelist [docx 216KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 20 Simple Mindfulness Activities for Children [pdf 35KB] Click to download

Coronavirus / COVID 19 Stories 

Site Page Link Icon Talk about Covid-19
Stories and booklets for parents to share with their children

Cornwall Council Advice and Links to a Range of Useful Resources 

File icon: pdf Early Help Hub Leaflet [pdf 132KB] Click to download
The Early Help Hub coordinates additional support for children and families in Cornwall. Parents and professionals are allowed to make contact.

Government Advice on Children's Mental Health and Well Being during the Coronavirus Outbreak