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Forces Family Support


The ethos of our school is one of recognising and celebrating difference. This applies equally to children’s family and home experiences.

As part of the school, families with one or more parents in one of the armed forces are recognised as having particular, distinct needs but also aspects that can be celebrated with everyone else in school. Two of our school aims which are particularly pertinent to our work with Forces families.

  • To support our children, families and the community of Torpoint
  • That everything we do supports the philosophy that we are a place for the whole school community to grow spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically and emotionally as reflected in our school logo

Keeping Us Informed

As a school we know that school routines are helpful when you are dealing with separation and worry.  Equally there are days that are more challenging and support is available in school for those more difficult days. Children can be supported in small groups or individually to cope emotionally and practically with the difficulties of living in a forces family. 

So that we can help your child please can you let their teacher know when a member of the family, who is in the armed forces, is away and for how long, including if they are working away in the week and come home at the weekend.

Forces Family Group

Forces Family Group runs on demand and is an informal group that offers support both practical and emotional to forces parents. It is an opportunity to share the joys and difficulties of being a forces family.  Younger siblings are welcome.

Please contact Mrs Lock via the school office for further information.