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Feedback from Parents

The way the children are taught and cared for and the teachers themselves are all of an outstanding standard and we are so pleased with not only our youngest child’s progress and enthusiasm but all three of our children. There is absolutely nothing we can think of which would improve a child’s time here.

Working in a school myself ……I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with Nursery and all of its staff.

I feel that the school has done a fantastic job in preparing the children for their move to Carbeile Junior School. The whole transition period has been thought out and explained well to both children and parents

Every day my son asks if it’s a school day, he loves school and I can’t thanks his teachers enough for making him feel happy, safe and keen to learn.

We are so very lucky to have such a great school as a starting platform from Nursery through to Year Two. Thank you so much Torpoint Nursery and Infant School.


Torpoint Nursery and Infant School has been a fantastic place for my child to enjoy playing and learning. There are so many things you do well, too many to list.


A fantastic school.

My son has achieved so much since staring in this school and particularly the last year. The school is friendly and welcoming where every child matters. The school events such as Country Dance are fantastic to watch. You can really see how well the staff interact with each other and the pupils.

The standard of teaching is very high and my son’s reading especially is astounding. Overall the school is a wonderful place and I will be very sad when my son leaves Year 2.

There are too many things to list that we feel you have done so well!

I must add my immense praise to the school for the effort that is put into assemblies, Christmas Shows and Country Dancing. I have shed far too many tears of pride at these events and I’m so grateful to be able to witness my daughter’s progression.

I think the school’s buddy system is fantastic.

Also the integration from reception into year 1 will I feel be smooth and happy for my daughter as you have made so much effort to explain and show her her new teacher and surroundings.

Overall I have nothing but praise for the school and the hard working teachers and staff.  I have a very clever girl who can write stories, read books to us all and count in multiple variations but overall is absolutely enthralled and excited to attend school every day. Thank you.

I am extremely  pleased with all aspects of the school from the teaching to the care and attention that you give each child and parents.

I could not have asked for any more to have been done for my daughter in her first years at school, I am sad to see her leave.

Great feedback on children’s progress- reports, parental consultations.

There is nothing that you can do better! The school excels in every aspect. It is a wonderful school in which a child can learn, develop and grow. Thank you so much! 

Just to say a big thank you to all the staff over the years who have helped make my son a smiley, bright young boy. I think I can safely say you have a mission complete for providing the foundations of his future education.