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Home Learning Gallery 

14th - 24th April 

Thank you to everyone for sending us your photos- all the teachers are loving their special pictures, loving seeing you and  loving seeing the exciting learning you are doing.

Some of us are wondering if when we see you again you might cook for us or clean our cars!

We  have had so many amazing photographs we have had to put the first ones onto this page.  If you want to see more recent photographs please click on the tab at the top of the page.



24th April - it is lovely to see children from across the school accessing a range of home learning including the ideas the teachers are providing.

Your teachers are loving your learning...thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Sunny smiles and rainbows- thank you for putting smiles on your teachers faces by sending in photographs for us to see. We are all wondering what you are planting and looking forward to seeing the plants growing.

Wow! Lots of you are becoming experts at measuring this week.

It is lovely to see the ways families are undertaking  home learning challenges in ways that suit their families and help their children learn. Thank you everyone!

We have seen lots of you doing PE or getting ready for a PE is a challenging workout one of you has prepared!

Wow!! It is really great to see everyone and all the different exciting ways they are learning!
It is also  great for us to see children learning from our videos and weekly plans . 

Thank You Everyone!

Jigsaws, model making, maths, writing, pictures for teachers, gardening, water play, art,  cooking.....

Even More Home Learning!

Baking,  Silver stories from Home, Gardening, Model Making, Pictures for Teachers...
Pictures for Teachers, PE Lessons, Cooking, Non Fiction Writing, Maths, Walks, Liquid to Solid Science, Gardening, Silver Stories from Home....
Paper Mache, Cooking, Pictures for Teachers, Phonics, Maths Games
Den Making, Cooking, Maths, Pictures for Teachers, PE, Tricky Word Walls, Bubble Play...