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Maths Challenge 3

This week's maths challenge encourages children to think about how we use numbers in everyday life.


Do you have a clock in your house?

Using the clock you can ask questions about the numbers around the face e.g; what is the biggest/smallest number you can read on the clock? Can you recognise a pattern with the numbers around the face? Can you find the number XXX (pick numbers of your choice).

Children in Year One and Two may want to try telling the time with o’clock, half past and quarter past and quarter to times. 


Another challenge… Where else can you find numbers around the house? You could try looking on remote controls, in the kitchen, inside clothes, in the bathroom etc.


 Telling the Time

File icon: mp4 Whole School Tellling the time o clock, half past , quarter past and quarter to with Miss Hargraves [mp4 19MB] Click to download