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Maths Challenge 6

This week's maths challenge is actually a choice of two challenges that encourage children to talk about shapes.  We have included a support sheet in case you need a reminder of the terms we use in school.

  • Look at the front of your home, what shapes can you see on the windows, doors, bricks or gates? 

    • Can you see any rectangles or circles?

    • Are all the rectangles the same? What is different about them?
    • What do you notice about the corners on the triangles?

    • What is special about a square?

    • Can you see any 3d shapes?

                    Children may want to sketch the different shapes they find.

  • Look in your kitchen,  what shapes can you find in the food cupboard?

    • Can you see any  cubes or cylinders?

    • Are they 2d or 3d shapes?

    • Are all the cylinders the same? What is different about them? ???????

    • Which shapes have got round faces?

    • Which shapes have got a square face?


Ready for next weeks challenge you may want to save your recycling!



File icon: pdf Helping your Child Talk about Shapes.pdf [pdf 243KB] Click to download