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Maths Challenge 8



 This week’s maths challenge is about measures. There is a parent/carer’s sheet attached that you may want to use to help your child understand the language we use when teaching measure. 


Big Foot! 

Help your child draw round their foot and then cut this out. 

Now draw round other feet in your family and cut them out. 

- Compare the foot cut outs – whose is biggest, whose is smallest? 

- Maybe use some other language of comparison longest, widest etc 


How many feet long is your table (chair, carpet, child)? 

- They may tell you you should only use one of the feet so they are the same 

- Your child may be able to talk about the fact it depends on whose foot measure you use 

- They may be able to tell you that the feet have to meet/touch as you are measuring 


Older children may be able to measure how long the feet are in lego bricks or even in centimetres using a ruler 





File icon: pdf Helping your Child Talk about Measures.pdf [pdf 196KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Maths Challenge 8.pdf [pdf 155KB] Click to download