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Reading Challenge 3

This week's challenge is to encourage children to make links between the book they are reading and their own emotions.

You can choose to do this with your child's reading book or a favourite story book from home.  You could also choose to complete it by watching Miss Hargraves reading The Day the Crayons Quit which can be found below.


Some questions you could ask about the story:

- What colours are in the story? 

- How do different colours make you feel?   e.g; Does blue make you feel peaceful or sad?  Is red an angry colour? 

Children who are learning their colours may want to find something of each colour around the house.



Can you draw a happy picture? What colours are in the happy picture? You could change the emotion that you select for the children to represent when drawing.




The Day the Crayons Quit

If you choose to listen to this book your child could put the colours in the story in order, they could do this as a picture.


File icon: mp4 Miss Hargraves The Day the Crayons Quit [mp4 17MB] Click to download