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Reading Challenge 1

This week's challenge is to encourage children to make links between what they have read and their own lives.

You can choose to do this with your child's reading book, a favourite book from home or by watching and listening to Mrs Kellond reading the book Giraffes Can't Dance which is below.

Some questions you could ask about the character in the story:

· Tell me two things that xxxxx does in the story.

· How was XXX feeling at the beginning of the story/ end of the story?

· Has anything ever made you feel like XXXX was feeling in the story? (You may choose different parts of the story to discuss with your child.)

Giraffes Can't Dance

If you choose to listen to this book, you could make the link between the book and your child's life by asking -

  • what are you good at?
  • what would you like to get better at?


File icon: mp4 Story Time with Mrs Kellond [mp4 24MB] Click to download
Giraffes Can't Dance