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Reading Challenge 2

This week's challenge is to encourage children to make links between what the book and what they know about the wider world

You can choose to do this with any book with animals in or by watching and listening to Miss Jones reading a Squash and a Squeeze.

Some questions you could ask about the story:

- What animals are in the story?

- What does the XXX do in the story.

-What noise do XXXXs make ?



Draw a XXXX.   

Children may want to draw more than one of the animals

Children in Year One and Year Two could label their drawing and even write a sentence about it. 



A Squash and a Squeeze

If you choose to listen to this book, you could also look at the rhymes in the story. 

- What word rhymes with XXX


File icon: mp4 Miss Jones reading A Squash and a Squeeze [mp4 11MB] Click to download