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Reading Challenge 4

This week's challenge is to encourage children to make links between the book they are reading and how we behave towards with other people.

You can choose to do this with any book with clothes in or by watching and listening to Miss Barnett reading The Smartest Giant in Town. This can be found below.


Some questions you could ask about the story:

- What clothes do you like wearing?

- Who is kind in the story? 

- What do you do that is kind to others?



Draw a smart outfit for yourself.

Children in Year One and Year Two could label their drawing and even write a sentence about it. 

Children may want to find out about giants.



The Smartest Giant in Town

If you choose to listen to this book, you could also look at the rhymes in the story. 

- What word rhymes with XXX

Your child might want to find out about giants.


File icon: mp4 The Smartest Giant in Town [mp4 101MB] Click to download