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Reading Challenge 6

This week's challenge is to encourage children to make links between the book they are reading and their emotions. Our questions focus on the emotion of worrying.


You can choose to do this with your child's reading book or a favourite story book from home.


 You could also choose to complete it by reading the free online book ‘Everybody Worries’.


The book is available free on the Oxford Owl Website. You do have to complete a free

registration to access the book.

It is very easy to search for, alternatively, you can click on this direct link


Alternatively, it is available free on Amazon Kindle.


Some questions you could ask about the story:

- What worries does the character in the story have?

-What things may worry other people?

- What things may worry you?

- How do we know he is worried? 

- How does your body feel when you are worried?

- What other emotions are in this book? How do you know?



  • Can you draw a picture of something you can do to help you deal with your worries?

            Ideas include talking to someone you trust and taking exercise.

  • Children in Year Two may like to make a list of different emotion words.

           They may be able to tell you which ones mean nearly the same.