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Reading Challenge 8

When, then, next 

This week's challenge looks at ordering events in a story and using the language of time 

to do this. 

You can choose to do this with your child's reading book, a favourite story book from home 

or the story of ‘Knuffle Bunny’ read by Mrs Lock, which is on the reading challenge page of 

our website. 

Some questions you could ask about the story: 

? What happened first? 

? Can you tell me what happened next? 

? What happened then? 

? What happened last (or finally)? 


Additional Challenges 

? Your child may want to draw pictures to order the story, they could use the time words as headings. 

o Mo Willems writes and illustrates “Knuffle Bunny”. He has a distinctive style of using simple drawings of the characters collaged onto a photograph. Your child may want to copy this illustration style or the style of the illustrator of one of their favourite books. 

? In the story ‘Knuffle Bunny’, her bunny is Trixie’s special toy. Your child may want to share a picture of their special toy. They could talk or write about why it is special to them.



File icon: mp4 Knuffle Bunny Story.mp4 [mp4 93MB] Click to download
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