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 The team at MKC Heroes have been sending support materials for forces families. We will share these on this page when we receive them.


Updated 11th May

Never Such Innocence Update forwarded by MKC Heroes

 Voices of Armed Forces Children

With the support of the Armed Forces Covenant, NSI has launched a new project: Voices of Armed Forces Children. We are inviting young people of currently serving Armed Forces members and veterans to utilise the creative arts to have their voices heard! NSI is calling on 6-18 year olds to share their experience of being an Armed Forces child through Poetry, Art, Speech, Song and Video. Here are some ideas on how they can respond:

  • Tell us what it is like to be the child of a member of the Armed Forces - currently serving or a veteran.
  • Create a piece of work that shows your mum, dad or guardian’s role in the Armed Forces.
  • Think about what honour, courage, and commitment look like.
  • Reflect on what the Armed Forces means to you.

All pieces of work will be featured online, on the Voices of Armed Forces Children NSI page – and there may be some surprise opportunities!

Covid 19 

The collective fight against the Covid-19 is not the type of conflict we normally invite young people to reflect on, but its impact is familiar - the closure of borders, threats to safety and well-being, disruptions to education and the fear of the unknown, to name just a few. 

We are calling on young people globally to use this period of uncertainty to reflect on their feelings, and in doing so, empathise with those affected by historical or contemporary conflicts. Here are some thinking points to help get started:

  • During both a conflict and a health crisis, key workers such as doctors and nurses often risk their lives to save others. As a young person, how might or does it feel to have your parents / guardians serving on the front line? 

  • How does the emergence of Covid-19 affect communities already directly facing conflict? 

  • Covid-19 has affected lots of different people around the world, regardless of race, gender, faith or ethnicity. Conflict can be discriminatory, but it can also be unexpected and affect anyone. How might people adjust to changes in their lives? 

Below you will find a few of the impressive pieces that we have already received from young people around the world.

Wall of Remembrance

Our friends at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) have launched an online “Wall of Remembrance” to pay tribute to those who served in both the First and Second World Wars. We invite you to participate alongside us.
Whether it is a simple thank you, a picture, or a few lines of text, they want to collect as many tributes as possible. The CWGC would love it if you could submit a tribute to ensure that these men and women are remembered in perpetuity.
You can submit a  tribute using #ShareYourTribute on social media, or upload on the CWGC website

Help for Heroes Wellbeing Link 

Below link is for Help for Heroes  guide to wellbeing that has been sent to us by MKC Heroes.  They have said that it is suitable for adults rather than children.

Walking with the Wounded Wellbeing Link 

The link below is for the Walking with the Wounded website  guide to Covid-19 support.  It  is suitable for adults rather than children.