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Mrs Castle

Miss Rice

Welcome to the Ladybirds

Mrs Castle has recorded some short videos to welcome the children to the Ladybirds

- a welcome video that shows the children the classroom

- a story 

- an "All About Me" video with a challenge.

There is also a welcome from Miss Rice

File icon: mp4 Welcome to the Ladybirds [mp4 213MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 Mrs Castle reading Little Rabbit Foo Foo [mp4 40MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 Hello from Miss Rice [mp4 3MB] Click to download

All About Me

Mrs Castle has made a video to tell the children all about herself, the video also contains a challenge for the children to make a poster about themselves (it can be with your help and in any format you would like) .

The poster or, a picture of it, can be sent to  and it wll be shared with Mrs Castle the posters will not be shared on the website.


File icon: mp4 Mrs Castle All About Me [mp4 35MB] Click to download
File icon: doc All About Me Possible Format [doc 40KB] Click to download