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Lockdown Learning 

This section of the website contains our home learning provision which will be in place until schools reopen to all children, which we are currently being told will be February half term, however this is subject to change ( let’s hope it is not a last minute one!).  

The Government have stipulated that all children who are not in school should be able to access learning at home. We understand that this can be a real challenge for children of this age as it can be tricky to have them seated in front of a computer listening to their teacher …whilst remaining focused! With this in mind, we will be providing accessible activites for your child to complete with you; most with accompanying videos to support with the delivery of learning at home.

Every Monday the home learning for the week will be uploaded onto the school website, via this ‘Lockdown Learning’ menu.   You will also receive an email which will outline the weekly learning activities for your child to complete.  

The whole school theme will be books that have been written by the author Julia Donaldson and each week we will focus on a different story. The learning activities will be differentiated for each year group but the books will be the same in the hope that this will make things a little easier for you at home.

We are aware that each child is at a different stage in their learning so to ensure that they can access the learning that is at the right level for them, some of the plans will have different colours for the different levels of challenge. Your child’s teacher will be in contact with you as soon as possible to tell you the correct colour that you should follow that is best for your child. Please be aware that the number that they call you on may be withheld.

Over the next two days you will receive a maths and writing book for your child to use while learning at home; we will be hand delivering these!

Please can we ask that you photograph your child’s learning and send in to the following email addresses(dependent on their year group). Teachers will then provide feedback in response to the learning that has been shared. The following email addresses should be used:



Year One-

Year Two –


last updated 6th January 

Nursery  Lockdown Learning 

We will not be sending home learning emails for children in Nursery. The  Nursery Lockdown learning page of our website will contain some general ideas you can do with your children and when Mrs Westall telephones to she will share ideas with you for your child.

If you click on the Nursery picture you will find this page.