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Our World Book Day in Numbers

A theme for world book day this year was share a million stories … we didn’t manage a million but… 

 1000 books donated (approximately!)

 293 children each received an immaculate ‘new to

them’ book, (every child in the school)  

293 book tokens handed out

40 perfect books chosen for our school library

 40 books added to our nursery share at home books for every nursery family to have the chance to share in the future

 40 books added to our playground reading boxes

 500 (approximately) books sold at our amazing book sale

 10 books added to our Christmas books collection

 50 books donated to charity

 1 whole school  book written collaboratively by our children

 260 minutes extra story sharing in our planned ‘everyone sharing in school’ 10 minute slots  

 2 Silver Stories phone calls sharing

our love of stories

 £194.02 donated to buy more books for school


         Thank you very much for your kind    

        donations that made this day possible

File icon: pdf World Book Day Newsletter [pdf 835KB] Click to download