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Through music we help pupils to listen, appreciate and differentiate between different sounds and to work together and express themselves through the seven elements of music. This involves a range of opportunities for instrument playing in order to encourage their interest and knowledge of different sounds. 

Cross-curricular learning is very important to us and so, where possible, music lessons are integrated into the current theme and what the children are learning at the time. Music is also used as part of the normal school day as a teaching aid to assist in the learning of subject knowledge.



In our singing practices we perform a range of songs which fosters community, creates a group identity and develops skills and techniques. It also gives the children a bank of songs that they will remember in years to come and develops their subject knowledge through curriculum-linked songs. 

Scientific research has proven that taking part in musical activities, including singing, is beneficial to everyone. It has a positive impact upon our emotional wellbeing, bringing children together to achieve a common goal and work as a team. It is an essential part of our school and an excellent teaching and learning tool. 


Drumming is a core part of our Music curriculum for children in Year Two. They learn a range of rhythms from cultures around the world, creating different tones on the drums and working together to follow a leader. This helps the children to work together towards a common goal and create a sense of unity and belonging as well as developing musical skills. 

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