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Personal Social and Health Education

We aim to ensure that our children develop the skills necessary to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We are committed to helping children make informed choices about the way they live their lives in terms of how they feel about themselves and their relationships with other people.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage one of the prime areas of learning is Personal, social and emotional development. It is made up of three elements

Self-confidence and self-awareness: children are confident to try new activities, and say why they like some activities more than others. They are confident to speak in a familiar group, will talk about their ideas, and will choose the resources they need for their chosen activities. They say when they do or don’t need help.

Managing feelings and behaviour: children talk about how they and others show feelings, talk about their own and others’ behaviour, and its consequences, and know that some behaviour is unacceptable. They work as part of a group or class, and understand and follow the rules. They adjust their behaviour to different situations, and take changes of routine in their stride.

Making relationships: children play co-operatively, taking turns with others. They take account of one another’s ideas about how to organise their activity. They show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings, and form positive relationships with adults and other children.

In Key Stage One the children build on the firm foundations built in the Early Years Foundation Stage .

We work in a variety of contexts, inclduing use of R-Time resources to

- ensure our children know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

-develop an understanding of personal safety issues.

-to help children be independent and responsible members of the school community.

-to encourage our children to be positive and active members of society.

-to ensure our children develop self confidence, self esteem, making informed choices regarding personal and social issues.

-to enable our children to develop positive relationships with their peers and other members of the school and the wider community.

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