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Personal, Social, Health and Relationships Education

As a part of your child’s education, we promote personal wellbeing and development.


In Key Stage One this is taught through a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health, Relationships and Economic (PSHRE) education programme. PSHRE education is the curriculum subject that gives children the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential. Children take part in these lessons twice per week. They are given a safe learning environment, which is underpinned by our school ethos and values, in which they can talk about the objectives covered.

Lessons throughout the year will include children learning about healthy relationships, including friendships; families; personal hygiene; physical and mental well-being; understanding feelings and emotions; becoming more independent; keeping safe, including how to stay safe online; developing self-esteem and confidence.

Children will also have opportunities to ask questions during these lessons.

For our children in the Early Years Foundation Stage ( Nursery and reception) the Personal, Social and Emotional Development aspect of the curriculum permeates all that we do. It is recognised as one of the building blocks of success in life. It supports children’s development by helping them to interact effectively and develop positive attitudes to themselves and others. These foundations and building blocks prepare children to successfully access the PSHRE curriculum when they are in Key Stage One. PSED is broken down into the following aspects:

  • Self confidence and self- awareness- This aspect is about how children come to develop confidence in who they are and what they can do and in expressing their own ideas.
  • Managing feelings and behaviours- This aspect is about how children can understand their own feelings and other people’s feelings, and how they learn to manage their feelings. It also links to how they learn and can follow simple rules which operate in different places.
  • Making Relationships- This aspect is about how young children learn to get along with other children and with adults; how they can see something from somebody else’s point of view and take that into account when they play and work with other children. It is also significant in developing friendships.
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