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Plastic  Action  ...we can all make a difference, whatever age we are!

The Year Two children at Torpoint Nursery and Infant School have been inspired to investigate the issues around environmental change within Torpoint. Their mature approach to this global threat has led them to voice their concerns with Torpoint councillors and The Mayor at their Town Council meeting. The incredible way in which they delivered their message has been heard by thousands across the county via a broadcast on BBC Radio Cornwall and further sharing on social media. Beach Guardian stated ‘It is the best 5 minutes of radio you will ever hear!’ tagging the Education Secretary Damian Hinds as a follow up to his challenge for all schools to ‘go single-use plastic free by 2022.’

The children at Torpoint Nursery and Infant School have written to several companies to encourage them to reduce their use of plastic in their products. They have written to Haribo, Cornwall Council, Penzance Town Council and their school lunch provider, Chartwells. A group of Year Two children visited the majority of the shops in Torpoint to ask them about their use of plastics, their approach to recycling and whether they would be proud to make Torpoint plastic free. The children shared their findings with Torpoint Town Council and their idea continues to gain gravity throughout Cornwall.

The next remarkable step along this path of ecological education was to deliver two concerts in school on Friday 8th February. The money raised through ticket sales funded the purchase of a canvas bag for every family at the school, further helping to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags .

But it didn't end there!  Torpoint Councillors were so impressed with our presentation to them,  they asked us to present it to councillors from across the Cornwall Gateway Area. They have made a special action group and asked us to help get the other schools in Torpoint involved so our children have been to speak to children at  Carbeile and Torpoint Community College.


Children from across Year Two visited shops in Torpoint in January 2019 to collect further information about the use of plastic in our town. 

Beach Guardian came and spoke to us about the ‘plastic problem’. We sorted through plastics which had been found on the beach and created our own posters using plastics.  We also learnt more about different plastics which had been found on the beach such as nodules.

Six Year Two children have presented to four different groups of people; Torpoint Town Council, Cornwall Gateway, Carbeile Junior School, Torpoint Community College.

Plymouth Aquarium came and talked to us about  sea life . They were very impressed by everything we knew about the plastic problem… and even more impressed by everything we are doing about it.

 Our Concert